Passionate people do wonderful work

When you only employ the most talented and passionate individuals, it’s easy to accomplish some truly amazing things. We’re proud to say that our team is made up of an incredibly diverse range of people. Each has their own skills, their own strengths and their own distinct personalities – and every single one of them contributes to what makes Bay Audiology so great. Fostering the unique abilities and passions of our team is vital because it’s these different ways of working and thinking that ensures we can provide an excellent experience for our equally unique array of clients.

Although we always celebrate our differences, it’s important to know what brings us together and drives us toward our common goals:

Our mission – to help people experience the joy of better hearing. We achieve this by having amazing people delivering personalised solutions, and providing exceptional care

Our vision – to courageously innovate, to grow our industry leading position, and to always be the first choice for our clients and our people

Our values – how we interact on a daily basis with clients, suppliers and each other. We are resilient, we succeed, we are a team, we care and we act with integrity.

What our people have to say about us.

We strive to find the perfect solution for every customer all over the country, and we make a big difference in our customers’ lives – but it takes a lot of dedication, and a drive for innovation, to make that happen. In the below video, hear directly from Barclay Winter - Charge Clinician about how we help people hear better.
What our people have to say about us.

Celebrating your success – and ours

It’s important to be recognised for your hard work but it’s also important to have a little fun together as a team. Every year, the Bay Audiology Conference is a chance to celebrate the achievements of our organisation, but more importantly, to celebrate the people who make it such an amazing place to be a part of. Trust us, it’s something you’ll start to look forward to every year.
The High Achievers Club

Across our global brands, you’ll find networks of excellence, established for our star performing Hearing Care Professionals. Each year, based on performance monitoring, high-achievers will be invited to join their country’s High Achievers Club. The invitation is a prestigious acknowledgement of our staff’s constant stellar achievements, and a symbol of the value we place on their expertise.

Members receive excellent benefits, from networking opportunities to special event access. They might also be rewarded with stock grant rights: across the world, around 450 of our high achievers currently benefit from Performance Stock Grant Plans.

The Charles Holland Award

As part of the Amplifon Group, every year 50 clinics from around the world are awarded the Charles Holland Award. This award recognises the clinics who have continued to work hard, with a passion for presenting an outstanding level of service to clients. Each year, three of these awards are reserved for New Zealand.

The late Charles Holland was the founder of the Amplifon Group over 60 years ago, and today, the Charles Holland Award is judged upon five key pillars:

  1. Customer Care
  2. Teamwork
  3. Growth
  4. Innovation
  5. Productivity